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My collection of Angels has grown and grown...

Everywhere I see one...I pick it up.

Angels are such an inspiration,

So please feel free to take any that inspire you!


To view any of the Angels, just click on the description.

To save any of the angels...just right click on the picture...and choose "Save As".

At any time you can click on the section title to get back to this menu.

Click on one of the following categories to view the Angels: 

Beautiful Angels

Men Angels (Now that's a new one!)

Transparent Angels

Older Angels (more Victoria, maybe?)

Angels Suitable for Children Pages

Angel Backgrounds

Angelic Animated Gifs









Beautiful Angels

Beautiful Blue Angel in Clouds)

Same Angel only a jpg file

Blond Child Angel in Pink Tone

Blond Child Angel in Pink Tone

Sleeping Angel

Beautiful Golden Blond Angel with Harp

Angel guarding two children on bridge

White Angel in sky holding a Star

Beauty Angel

Angel with Eagle

Blond Angel with White Bunny

Child Angel sitting on wall (framed)

Child Angel sitting on wall with foot in water

Smiling Child Angel with face in hands (framed)

Two Child Angels in sky whispering (framed)

Child Angel sleeping (framed)

Beautiful Pink Angel (framed)

Angel in White pouring out stars

Angel in Violet tones

Angel in Violet Tones

Angel in Blue sitting on cresent moon

Blue Angel dipping toe in ocean

White Angel in Blue Sky

Clouds in the shape of an Angel (awesome)

Blue Angel with Baby

Two Angels with Lilys

Blond Girl Angel in blue with stars

Angel with Doves (framed)

Angel in oval gold frame

White and Gold Angel

Angel with Harp in blue

Angel in Pink (framed)

Angel carrying child

Sleeping blond child Angel

Angel with Violin

Angel with Harp

Angel in Oval

Two little girl Angels

Angel in Frame

Angel Flower Line

Angel looking at world

Angel with two children

Angels on Cloud looking at Earth (framed)

Angel with two children

Child Angel

Angel Fountain

Angel with Baby Jesus

I believe in Angels sign

Beauty Angel (framed)

Angels and Us sign

Sleeping Child Angel (framed)

Angel reaching for sky

Angel blowing bubbles

Lavender Angel (framed)

Same Angel in Brown frame

Angel carrying off child

Two Angels kissing (oval)

Angel watching over two children

Christmas Angel

Angel looking at Moon

Pink Angel (framed)

North Star

Angel with Roses

Same Angel with Roses (transparent)

Angel watching over little girl

Angel watching over two children

Angel kissing child goodnight

Angel in Tropical setting

Blond child Angel

Angel carrying child (framed)

Beautiful Angel

Angel watching over two children

Angel in Star

Blue Angel with Doves

Christmas Angel

Angel Blowing Bubbles

Angel & Child

Angel with Bird - Pink

Angel Flower line

Child Angel looking up

Beautiful Rainbow Angel

Christmas Angel

Angel between Moon and Earth

Welcome sign

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel

Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign





Men Angels

Male angel carrying woman

Bearded Man Angel with Baby





Transparent Angels

Angel Button Left

Angel Button Right

Beautiful Angel with Doves

Same Angel (mirror image)

Another Beautiful Angel with Doves

Same Angel (mirror image)

Angel by Lake with Doves and Fawn

Blond Child Angel Fairy

Angel with Violin in Heart

Beauty Angel

Small Angel Button

Small Angel Button





Older Angels

Two Angels (framed)

Two Angels looking skyward

Pink and White Brunette Angel in frame

Child Angels kissing on cheek (framed)

 Three Angels in Sky

Thinking Angel

Two child Angels whispering

Angel on Cloud praying

Man Angel holding woman

Two Angels thinking

Two Angels flying with Banner

Woman listening to Angel

Women with child Angel

Angel with Rose

Child Angel

Two Angels on cloud hugging

Lots of Angels

Woman with two Angels

Woman with Angels all around

Angel reading

Angels on Cloud

Madonna and Child

Girl Angel

Angel praying (frames)

Children Pages Angels

Little Girl Angel in blue holding candle

Blond Baby Angel with Teddy Bear (Transparent)

Brunette Baby Angel with white bunny

Same Brunette Baby Angel with bunny, but gold frame.

Pretty Little Blond Angel with Dove (transparent)

Baby Angel with Bunnies

Child Angel in Pink

Child Angel w/ musical instrument

Child Angel praying

Three children Angels praying

Cute Child Angel












Sleeping baby Angel on Cloud

Angel Backgrounds

Pink Little Girl Angel with rose and hearts

Border Background Angel with Harp in beige

Border Background Baby Angel with Lamb

Muted Thinking Angel (suitable for child's page)

Muted Grayscale Angel Background

Border Background Blond Child Angel

White Clouds in Blue Sky

Muted Angels with Doves

Border Background Angel in Blue

Border Background Blue Angel on White

Muted Background Same Angel

Muted Child Angels Kissing in Sky

Muted small Angels in Pink

Angels carrying off child

Border Backgound dark blue

Muted Lilac Angel

Border Background light blue

Cloud Background

Muted Blue Angel backgound

Muted Angels carry off child

Angel w/ bunny border background

Green border background

Blue Border background

Pink sky background

Red border background




Angelic Animated Gifs

Flying White Dove

Twinkling Colorful Stars

Angels with Garland


Green Candle with brass base

Dove Flying right

White Candle with Brass Base

White Angel

Flashing Golden Star

Teddy Bear Angel

Pink Star

Dove flying across