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No matter who you are,

No matter how we met,

You have touched my life,

And I am changed,

By your touch!

May the New Year bring us all...








As we begin the last year before the new

Millenium...please pray for our world

leaders and consider the following...

If today was the last of all days

Would it change how you feel?

Who you are?

Would you rise for a moment

above all your fears,

become one with the moon and the stars?

Would you like what you'd see

looking down on the world?

Did you give everything you could?

Have you done everything that

you wanted to do?

Is there still so much more that you would?

Would you live for the moment

like when you were young,

and time didn't travel so fast?

Enjoying the now?

Not tied to a future or past?

Follow your dreams to the end of the rainbow!

Way beyond one pot of gold!

Open your eyes to the colors around you!

Find the true beauty life holds!

You probably said all you wanted to say,

but doesn't it strike you as strange?

That we'd only begin to start living our lives

if today were the last of all days.


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