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One True Friend


 And now is it too late to say

how we made each others life so different in our quiet way?

We can see the joy in simple things,

a sunlit sky, and all the songs we used to sing.

For all the times we closed our eyes,

allowed each to stumble or to be surprised by life,

with all it's twists and turns.

You and I made mistakes.

We knew the other would learn.

And when you left, it was I who stayed.

I always knew that you would come home again.

In the end...

I am your one true friend.

Though love may break...

it never dies.

What we denied, we now can see.

I always was the light inside of you...

And you always were the light inside of me.

I have walked and I have prayed.

I could forgive and we could start again.

In the end...

I Am Your One True Friend!

I always knew.

I always knew it was you,

My One True Friend!

Even if you're miles away...