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I've dreamed of you...
Always feeling you were there.

And all my life
I have searched for you

I caught your smile
in the morning sun...

I heard your whisper
on the breeze at night...

I prayed one day...
that your arms
would hold me tight.

And just when I
thought love had passed me by...
We met.

That first look...
in your eyes,
I can't forget.

You melted me
with your tender touch.

I felt all
slip away.

Now here we stand...
hand in hand...
this blessed day.

I promise you
as I give to you
my heart,
there's nothing,
nothing in this world
shall keep us apart.

Can happily everafter be?

The man I love
until the very end.

I've dreamed of you
my great love
my best friend.

Oh, God must know...
how I love you so.

He's blessed us here today
as man and wife.

Come dream with me,
as I have dreamed of you
all my life.

All Our Lives!

The Song is "I've Dreamed of You"
by Barbara Striesand

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