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In every life
they say,
One perfect love comes
your way.

I know from my heart
that it's true...
There's only you.

When sorrow brings me pain...
If teardrops fall like rain...
Who else can I
turn to???
There's only you.

Every night I thank the Lord above
for giving you to me.
All my life...
I'll give you all my love,
true and faithfully.

So Darling, say
You'll stay...
Don't take your love away.

I'll never find someone new,
There's Only You.

There's Only You!


For Karen with this dedication:
Dedicated to My Prince, Michael, 
The Love of My Life. 
Love Your Princess, Karen

Song is "There's Only You" by Kevin Sharp
Picture and Background are from a painting by Ty Wilson entitled "The Kiss"

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