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These are thoughts I have been having for some time now and would like to share them with everyone before this world gets too crazy and...


I have come to realize many things since I connected to the internet.

You get to meet people you never would have met any other way. :-)

You get to know these people not by their looks or by their touch, but by their heart and soul.

If you would have met many of these people on the street, you may not have given them a second look; or maybe you would have looked at them and said, "Hey, look how fat that person is," or "Hey look, there's a gay person," or the biggest one is, "Hey look, there's a person of color."

You would have done this and never have known this person on the inside.

This is a sad thing because I was one of those people who may have done that. :-(

But now I have met many people on the net who have truly touched my heart in many ways.

They have made me a much better person. :-)

Wouldn't it be something if the whole world could be touched like this, to get to know each other in ways they would never have thought possible. I know if they did, there would be no wars

and no homeless

and no hungry people.

This also goes for people we know -- don't let pride get in the way of love.

We have to stop and think how it would be tomorrow if we lost that person and didn't have the chance to say we are sorry. :-(

So, the next time you pass someone, don't judge them by how they look or how they are acting -- just turn to that person and give them a smile

and soon this will catch on

and we all will be smiling

because if we don't, then...


© 1998 Dave Crozier

aka Scubajunky

On the evening of 2/12/99 I was cruising the net...looking at some sites some friends had sent me by ICQ.

One link led to another and another, and I stumbled across Dave's site.

I had been thinking of doing a similar page...but didn't know quite how to put it.

Dave has said it all, and graciously allowed me to use his work on my page.

Thank you, Dave!

Please take the time to visit him.

Just click on the little scuba guy.

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