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Welcome to the new and improved Rhonda52!

In an effort to more organize this site...I have revamped the entire index.
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I'm Your Angel
My Destiny
I Still Believe
We Can Still Believe
I Need Your Love
Have You Ever?
I Do!
Forever In Love
From this Moment
Angel of Mine
Music of the Night
The Power of Goodbye
Truly, Madly, Deeply
My Endless Love
Life After Love
The Power of Love
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing!
Let Me Let Go...
To My Love, My Valentine
What If It's You?
Colour My World
Never My Love
As Long As...
The Dance
Perhaps Love
I Dreamed You Into Life
In My Dream
And I Lovc You So
Spread Your Wings
Don't Give Up On Your Faith!
Here We Are Again...
All My Life...
I Was Always Certain...
All I EVER Need
Music of My Heart
There is Love!
The Bravest of Hearts
All the Way
I Want You To Need Me
The First Time
Somewhere In Time
Could I?
If You Ever Leave Me...
The Power of Love
For My Broken Heart...
The Gift
I Hear A Symphony
The Supremes
Your Love
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Part II
Hunting High & Low
More Than Words
It Was You
Babe, I Love You
Come In From The Rain
Here Comes the Dawn Again
I'll Be There
A Many Splendored Thing


My Special Angel
Butterfly Kisses
You Light Up My Life
Thank Heaven for Little Girls
My Daddy
God's Children
Mothers' Day, 1999
If I Could...
Father's Day 1999
They Tried To Tell Us...
An Angel's Special Day
Sometimes Miracles Hide
Children Will Listen


The Last Day!
Trick or Treat!
El Shaddai
The Dime - A Christmas Story
The Cries
Merry Christmas 2000 Everyone!


My Son's Stone Cold Page
A really neat Angel Pic
We Remember April 19, 1995
Letter to the Gov. of OK & the Mayor of OK City
Ciera's Page
MacArthur Park
Le Petit Prince
The Change
Just Listen...
Do like all things Oriental! Me Too!!


Yo Quiero Taco Bell
I'm My Own Grandpa?
My Obsession
New Mexico
Kids & Marriage
That Don't IMPRESS Me Much!
Help Me?
Think About It...
But, I Read It On The INTERNET!
Don't Worry ~ Be Happy!

Do you have a favorite song you would like to see me do a page on...
Just E-Mail me! :-))))))
Thanks to all those who request keeps the creative juices flowing!


Deck of Cards
I Believe
I Believe We Never Walk Alone!
From a Distance
He Could Come Today
Angels Among Us
El Shaddai
At The Midnight Cry
To Make You Feel My Love
He Loves Me!
I Need You!


One Sweet Day
Al uomo migliore del mondo!
Did You Ever Know?
You Were There
One True Friend
The Rose
Silent Lucidity
Only Kindness Matters
Where Angels Dare
You're Not Alone
Angel Flying Too Close
An Irish Blessing
Friends are Friends...Forever


When Will We Ever Learn?
What the World Needs Now
Tears in Heaven
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Has Anyone Here...
Gently Weep
We Didn't Start the Fire
A Look at the 20th Century
Love Will Find A Way
The Greatest Love
We Are the World
Is This A Dream?
Follow Your Dream
Broken Bricks
The Way It Is

Why are the songs sometimes choppy sounding or they don't play at all?

When the Net is may experience some choppiness while the song is loading...All the songs are programmed to loop (play over and over) and the second time the songs plays it should play fine for you (after it has completely loaded once).  If a song fails to start playing at has probably been wiped out by the host.  If this happens, please e-mail me and I will try to get it uploaded as quickly as possible somewhere else...but it is a constant battle...and I would sure appreciate your help in this I cannot check each and every page every let me know if you run into this problem.
Thank you!

This site as always is dedicated
to the love of my life, Rich!
Without his inspiration...
there would be no Rhonda52!
ILY, Babe!
You are my "best friend"


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